Migrate from Bitbucket Mercurial repositories to Git - we can help!

Mercurial on Bitbucket is dead...

Mercurial support at Bitbucket is soon over. Your existing Mercurial repos will be permanently deleted on July 1, 2020. As a team with about 250 Mercurial repos on Bitbucket (half of which are public, but as we move away this number shriking rapidly) this is a huge issue for us at Lombiq Technologies as well... July is quite close and this is such a fundamental change in how you and your development team works, it's better to start preparing ASAP.

What are your options now?

Basically, you have three options:

  1. Look for another Mercurial hosting provider.
  2. Convert your Mercurial repos to Git (or another source control system of course, but Git being the most similar and most popular one) and recreate your repos on Bitbucket.
  3. Convert your Mercurial repos to Git and recreate your repos on another hosting provider's platform, possibly GitHub.

We can help you with #2 and #3 as we have huge experience with converting Mercurial repos to Git (and vice-versa). Keep reading!

How can Lombiq help with open source software and consulting?

Don't worry, the cavalry is here! So what kind of help you can count on in these dire times?

  • We run the free Git-Mercurial syncing service Git-hg Mirror: This can sync both ways between Git and Mercurial repos, as well as between two Git and two Mercurial repos. You can use this to convert your Mercurial repos to Git after some simple setup.
  • The software behind Git-hg Mirror called the Git-hg Mirror Daemon is open source. If you know .NET you can run it locally instead of using Git-hg Mirror. Check out the "Local testing" section in the docs to sync one particular repository.
  • Ask somebody who does this a lot: Let us handle converting the repositories, setting up your team's permissions and train you on how to use Git! Just drop us an e-mail to crew[at]lombiq.com and we'll figure out the details.

Why Lombiq?

We're in the trenches with you: We've been using Mercurial (and Bitbucket) for 8 years, Git (and GitHub) for about 7. Out of these the last 6 years we've spent using both as a team and working through all the Mercurial to Git conversion edge cases with our unique Git-Mercurial syncing service Git-hg Mirror. We have hundreds of repositories on both platforms, about half of them being for our own open source projects (which are all kept both in Mercurial and Git repos). And BTW we've been through this "Atlassian drops something we are using every day" story already with HipChat, having published the unique open source HipChat to Microsoft Teams Migration Utility.

Otherwise we are a web software company working with open Microsoft technologies, mostly with an open source .NET CMS called Orchard. Our clients include entities like Live Nation Clubs and Theaters, the Smithsonian Institution and Microsoft itself.

Send us an e-mail to crew[at]lombiq.com and let's discuss what kind of help you need!