About us

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What do we do?

We are currently focused on services related to the open-source Orchard Core content management framework. We create web applications with it and provide advisory related to it as well as we teach others how to deal with it. Orchard runs on Microsoft's web infrastructure and is actively developed by a community - including us.

Why do we do what we do? The Lombiq manifesto.

We believe in open-source. We embrace the idea of open-source, open knowledge, free thinking, cooperation and honest contribution towards common goals.

We support the development community. We believe that development is and must be community-driven.

We solve problems. We don’t just develop software and technological solutions — these are only tools — we aim to efficiently deliver creative and effective answers to real-life issues. 

We love technology. Passion drives us forward to constantly enhance our skills and explore new areas of knowledge. This is how we can remain innovative.

We give back. Being selfish hurts everyone. We support our communities and give back to our environment.

Who are we?

Lombiq Technologies was founded in 2013 by Benedek Farkas and Zoltán Lehóczky. We’re an IT company based in Budapest, Hungary that provides products, services and custom training to the development community. We love technology in general, but we mostly work with the Orchard platform, a content management system that runs on the Microsoft web stack. We’re also the people behind the first (and only) Orchard CMS SaaS - DotNest.

Zoltán and Benedek first met on the university where they learned Computer Science. Besides learning together on the uni they also took part on programming competitions - lastly winning the 24-hour programming contest of Óbuda University in 2012 with their third friend Tamás Szecskó. In the fall of 2011 we founded Orchard Hungary, the Hungarian Orchard community.

The name Lombiq comes from the Hungarian word "lombik" by the way: it means lab flask. We thought it's an adequate metaphor for what we do: distilling (IT) solutions.

All in all - this is Lombiq:

The Lombiq Team

We're constantly seeking like-minded individuals to join our expanding team of developers and non-developers. You can read our short biographies below (in the chronolocical order of joining the team); note that we didn't have professional photoshoots during the pandemic for new team members :).

This is our team as of the summer of 2020:

The Lombiq Team in the summer of 2020

Zoltán Lehóczky

Co-founder and managing director
Zoltán Lehóczky

Loving technology ever since Zoltán learned Computer Science and Engineering at Óbuda University in Budapest, Hungary. Web application development is his key skill, having been involved with PHP then ASP.NET MVC for years. He embraces open source and lives it through Orchard: he's also one of the core developers of Orchard itself, having done numerous contributions and having opened more than 300 tickets in the Orchard issue tracker.

Zoltán also worked on dozens of open source Orchard modules which you can see under his GitHub profile (he goes by the name Piedone on GitHub). He had the privilege to present on the first Orchard conference about Orchard SEO and on the second one about localization.

His interest in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and machine learning lead him to the development of the Associativy graph platform: an Orchard graph platform that you can use to build graphs of content for discovering associations between them. The Orchard Dojo Graph runs on Associativy too.

Before co-founding Lombiq Zoltán worked as an Orchard consultant at Onestop Internet, being part of the team developing the company's Orchard-based e-commerce platform.

For Zoltán's whole professional profile please see his LinkedIn profile.

Besides doing management tasks Zoltán mostly works on our own sites, services and research projects.

Benedek Farkas

Co-founder and managing director
Benedek Farkas

Benedek shows interest in IT since the year of 6, when he joined an after-school computer class during the first year of elementary school. His interest got more serious (and then became a passion) during secondary school and he decided to join two paid courses related to web-development and programming.

After that he started studying Computer Science and met new friends, Zoltán among them. Forming a good team, they participated in several programming contests with success and later they founded the Orchard Hungary Community and started to work with Orchard and in its community.

Benedek considers the first Orchard conference (Orchard Harvest 2012 in Los Angeles) one of the great events of his life, where he got the chance to be one of the presenters (see the video). But most importantly, the founding of Lombiq is a big opportunity and motivation for him.

When not fiddling around with Orchard (for which he also is a core developer of), he likes to go cycling, reading fantasy books, watching movies and reading interesting articles about science and IT.

You can contact Benedek via these channels: GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Along with working on daily management tasks, Benedek manages and takes part in the development of Orchard projects for our customers.

Márk Bartha

Software engineer
Márk Bartha

Programming appeared as a hobby for Márk at the age of 12. He had already devoted his time for coding since secondary school, where he attended various IT courses and competitions. He had his first taste of .NET development at Óbuda University in Budapest. He got his first jobs in the field of industrial automation during his third semester.

Since then, he has taken part in several .NET based projects in WPF and WinForms. He also gained a considerable amount of experience with the development of business applications using DevExpress XAF. Eventually he met Zoltán, who got him into developing Orchard CMS. He saw great potential in it, which led him to become a proud member of the Lombiq team.

During his free time, Márk likes participating in floorball trainings in the dormitory of his university.

Check his profile on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Márk is a rather server-side guy who mostly works on our Orchard projects writing clean C#.

Gábor Domonkos

Software engineer, Dean of Lombiq University
Gábor Domonkos

Gábor showed interest in IT since elementary school where he first met computers. He started to learn the Turbo Pascal language at the age of 12, when he decided to be a software engineer. He installed his first CMS-based website at the age of 15, which was an earlier Joomla version. In highschool he attended various IT courses and competitions, where he started to learn the Visual Basic programming language. Just for fun, he decided to make a Hungarian dub for the famous Doom 3 and Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil PC games.

In 2009, he became a Computer Science and Engineering student at Óbuda University in Budapest, where he learned about C#.

He met Orchard for the first time at an online course by György Balássy where he learned the basics of Webmatrix and Orchard.

He had a summer internship at Microsoft Magyarország Kft. in 2012, where he learned creating Windows 8 modern applications. He has references at Windows Store and also created Windows Phone 8 based applications as well.

He started to write his thesis in 2013, where he learned the basics of Microsoft Azure and multiplatform environment development.

In the beginning of 2014 he started to learn how to develop web applications using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms technologies. He was also involved in a project where he had to write an application for LG Smart TV using some basic web technologies like JavaScript and JQuery.

In the summer of 2014 he got an e-mail from Zoltán about an opportunity in the recently founded Lombiq. He really liked the concept and accepted the opportunity to join the team.

Be sure to check his profile on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Milán Keszthelyi

Software engineer
Milán Keszthelyi

When Milán was younger, he was absolutely fascinated by computers & games and later he came to learn more about hardware and how computers work. This confirmed his belief that he found his profession.

He finished High School in a special class for students who are interested in computer programming where he had chances to learn Pascal programming language and web development. In 2009, he became an Information Technology Engineering student at Óbuda University in Budapest.

At the university, he learnt about the C# language, OOP and got experience in different areas of information technology like ethical hacking and mobile application development. At his first workplace he worked in the field of finance using SQL for business logic and WinForms with C#.

His specialization at the university was image processing and robotics. He learned a lot about the controlling of robots and various image processing algorithms. During his free time, he goes to the gym or running in the beautiful city of Budapest.

István Germán

Office manager
István Germán

Owing more decades of experience in various fields and levels of economy István might serve Lombiq as a day-to-day contributor to solving tensions among people and generations. He had made it as a rule that in any of the industries the best results originate from permanently facing the facts, tasks and quick reactions to appearing failures. Critics are not enemies, and you are attacked much less times than you think.

He graduated as Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering at the Technical University and Engineer/Economist in Foreign Trade at the University of Economics in Budapest. He was later active as sales-engineer of Hungarian construction companies and representative of one of them in Germany. The nineties brought important changes also to Istvan’s carrier: he had become a banker in Austrian and German banks’ branches in Budapest, later managing director of Israeli real-estate development and a Russian-Hungarian trading companies.

All these responsibilities have added to his professional knowledge that is held at Lombiq’s disposal now.

Privately Istvan likes reading novels not only in Hungarian, but also in German and English, is interested in history and politics, likes swimming and skiing.

Dávid El-Saig

Software engineer
Dávid El-Saig

Dávid was interested in programming since his primary school years when he learned Quick Basic on his own as a hobby. But the real stroke of luck was when he wanted to move on to C++ but accidentally bought a C# book and became really fascinated by it. Later he worked with various .NET technologies including WPF, ASP.NET and XNA too. He also gained experience with JavaScript and Python between high school and joining Óbuda University.

At the university he specialized in embedded and mobile systems but also took up a variety of topics including the Orchard course taught by Zoltán and Benedek. He is working on his thesis in surgical robotics.

In his free time Dávid likes to watch movies, walk about while listening to audiobooks, play airsoft, paint miniatures for wargaming, and all manner of tinkering (like making video game mods, hardware mods, Arduino and 3D printing projects).

Gábor Pór

Software engineer
Gábor Pór

Programming – a mere idea at first, growing into a keen interest, quickly becoming a passion. A natural chain of events among software developers, and it was no different in Gábor's case either.

Computers have always been vital in Gábor's life. A zealous gamer since the age of 6, his continuous enthusiasm for video games evolved into regular participation in competitive gaming events.

Gaming remained Gábor's primary interest for the years to come as he was not fascinated by his formal education. Disinterested in his English Studies BSc, Gábor started considering other potential directions he could take. He drew inspiration from fellow Lombiq developer Márk and decided to try his hand at programming.

A love at first line, he first greeted the world in Python, taking the initial steps on a better path. This was also when he ended his brief professional gaming career, deciding to focus on advancing his software development knowledge.

After a few months of learning from online resources, Gábor started looking for junior software developer positions. This endeavor led him to Lombiq, where he was granted the chance to learn about Orchard and start gaining work experience.

In his free time, Gábor maintains his love of video games, enjoys listening to metal and synth music, and likes watching fantasy/sci-fi movies/shows. He is also an avid cyclist and gym-goer.

Krisztián Németh

Software engineer
Krisztián Németh

Krisztián always knew he will be working within the IT sector. Ever since he can remember he was interested in computers.

He studied in an IT-related middle school where he learned the basics of computers, analog and digital electronic circuits, soldering, web development, and acquired some Photoshop skills. In the last year of middle school, he was on a month-long internship program in Spain, Mallorca, where he worked in a computer shop and service which serves almost the whole island.

After he finished middle school he stayed there for one more year to get a degree as a network installer and operator. Then he became a student of Óbuda University where he studied Information Technology Engineering.

His studies were mostly about C#, Java, and SQL, but got experience in many other areas, like mobile app development in Kotlin. His specialization was IoT, embedded systems, and robotics where he mostly learned the basics of robot kinematics and dynamics, and Arduino programming.

His BSc thesis was about Convolutional Neural Network Based Traffic Sign Object Detection, which was his topic also for the university-based TDK conference where he finished in 2nd place with his project partner.

He was part of ESL, the largest esports company, where he organized esport tournaments for the Hungarian, Balkan, and Southeast European scenes. Thus his free time was mostly about esports, organizing, and playing. Nowadays his free time is mostly about spending time with his girlfriend, watching movies and series, and playing games.

Gergő Csuhaj

Software engineer
Gergő Csuhaj

Gergő, as a kid, often found himself playing computer games. He was always fascinated by the unlimited possibilities he could experience while playing them.

After high school, he decided to fulfill his childhood wish and joined the military.

He had a turning-point in 2016 when he left the military. One year later, he started studying at Óbuda University, where he became an Information Technology Engineering student. It was there, where he met programming for the first time.
He developed an interest in programming while trying to create his own game with his friends.

His passive free time activities include watching movies and TV-series, creating vector arts, and other kinds of digital drawings. As for the active ones, he likes to go swimming and cycling.

Márk Lukovics

Software engineer
Márk Lukovics

Márk was always interested in astronomy, chemistry, computer games, and science in general when he was a kid. He always liked building his own PCs, and was always interested in how things work, both inside a computer, and in the universe.

Since being interested in astronomy Márk decided to pursue a degree in physics at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. After his first year when he did programming courses, he decided to specialize in Informatical Physics, and study further into how to utilize both software and hardware in a laboratory.

Soon, programming became his hobby, he started to make programs outside of his classes, and in a blink of an eye, it turned into a burning passion. He attended a university event where he first heard about Lombiq and Hastlayer, and was interested in the technology ever since.

During his free time, he still likes to make his own software projects, as well as utilizing his knowledge as a physicist by making quality of life appliances for himself using electronics.

Bence Puschmann

Software engineer
Bence Puschmann
Born and raised in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Bence first gained interest in software development in his freshman year in high school, where he learned the basics of programming in Java. During his senior year, he decided to study this profession on a higher level so he continued his studies at Óbuda University, Budapest, as a Computer Engineer student. He had the opportunity to look into multiple areas of IT, for example, Digital technologies, GPU programming, etc, but he showed the greatest interest in web development. He is always open to learn something new and gain experience in this area.
Besides software development, his other passion is playing sports and watching them. He played basketball for 5 years for his hometown youth basketball team. Later in 2016 he switched to American football and participated in a summer camp hosted by the Hungarian American Football Federation to select the new U19 National team and he got selected to the roster. He still plays sports and goes to the gym quite often as a hobby.