The Orchard Core experts

Lombiq Technologies was founded in 2013 by Benedek Farkas and Zoltán Lehóczky. We’re an IT company based in Budapest, Hungary, that provides products, services, and custom training to the development community. The name Lombiq comes from the Hungarian word "lombik", which means lab flask. We thought it was an adequate metaphor for what we do: distilling solutions.

Our core values

We believe in open-source. We embrace the idea of open-source, open knowledge, free-thinking, cooperation, and honest contribution towards common goals.

We solve problems. We don’t just develop software and technological solutions — these are only tools — we aim to efficiently deliver creative and practical answers to real-life issues.

We love technology. Passion drives us forward to enhance our skills and explore new areas of knowledge constantly. This is how we can remain innovative.

Photo of the Lombiq team
Image of Zoltán Lehóczky

Zoltán Lehóczky

Co-founder and managing director

Loving technology ever since Zoltán studied Computer Science and Engineering at Óbuda University in Budapest, Hungary. Web development is his key skill, having been involved with PHP and then ASP.NET (Core) MVC for years. He embraces open-source and lives it through Orchard, being one of the core contributors of Orchard itself.

Before co-founding Lombiq Zoltán worked as a freelancer and Orchard consultant. For his whole CV see his LinkedIn profile.

Besides doing management tasks Zoltán mostly works on our own sites, services, and research projects.

Image of Benedek Farkas

Benedek Farkas

Co-founder and managing director

Benedek shows interest in IT since the year of 6, when he joined an after-school computer class during the first year of elementary school. His interest got more serious (and then became a passion) during secondary school and he decided to join two paid courses related to web-development and programming.

After that he started studying Computer Science and met new friends, Zoltán among them. Forming a good team, they participated in several programming contests with success and later they founded the Orchard Hungary Community and started to work with Orchard and in its community.

Benedek considers the first Orchard conference (Orchard Harvest 2012 in Los Angeles) one of the great events of his life, where he got the chance to be one of the presenters (see the video). But most importantly, the founding of Lombiq is a big opportunity and motivation for him.

When not fiddling around with Orchard (for which he also is a core developer of), he likes to go cycling, reading fantasy books, watching movies and reading interesting articles about science and IT.

You can contact Benedek via these channels: GitHubLinkedInTwitter.

Along with working on daily management tasks, Benedek manages and takes part in the development of Orchard projects for our customers.

Image of Márk Bartha

Márk Bartha

Software engineer

Programming appeared as a hobby for Márk at the age of 12. He had his first taste of .NET development at Óbuda University in Budapest. He got his first jobs in the field of industrial automation during his third semester. Eventually, he met Zoltán, who introduced him to developing Orchard CMS. He then became the very first team member of Lombiq in 2013. Over the years, Márk has grown into a senior developer in both Orchard and Orchard Core, leading multiple projects and providing training in Orchard Core development to clients.

He likes working on hobby projects and learning new technologies like blockchain and smart contract development. Self-improvement is an important aspect of Márk's life, both professionally and personally. In his free time, he enjoys practicing mindfulness, yoga, and hiking. He also finds joy in the culinary arts.

Check his profile on LinkedIn and GitHub.

Image of Gábor Domonkos

Gábor Domonkos

Software engineer, Dean of Lombiq University

Gábor showed interest in IT since elementary school, where he started learning the Turbo Pascal language at the age of 12 when he decided to be a software engineer. He installed his first CMS-based website at the age of 15, which was an earlier Joomla version. In high school, he started to learn the Visual Basic programming language. Just for fun, he decided to make a Hungarian dub for the famous Doom 3 and Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil PC games.

In 2009, he became a Computer Science and Engineering student at Óbuda University in Budapest, where he learned about C#.

He met Orchard for the first time at an online course by György Balássy where he learned the basics of Webmatrix and Orchard.

He had a summer internship at Microsoft Magyarország Kft. in 2012, where he learned to create Windows 8 applications. He created Windows Phone 8 based applications and has references at Windows Store as well.

He wrote his thesis in 2014, where he learned the basics of Microsoft Azure and multiplatform environment development.

In the summer of 2014, he got an e-mail from Zoltán about an opportunity in the recently founded Lombiq. He really liked the concept and accepted the opportunity to join the team.

Image of Milán Keszthelyi

Milán Keszthelyi

Software engineer

When Milán was younger, he was absolutely fascinated by computers & games and later he came to learn more about hardware and how computers work. This confirmed his belief that he found his profession.

He finished High School in a special class for students who are interested in computer programming where he had chances to learn Pascal programming language and web development. In 2009, he became an Information Technology Engineering student at Óbuda University in Budapest.

At the university, he learnt about the C# language, OOP and got experience in different areas of information technology like ethical hacking and mobile application development. At his first workplace he worked in the field of finance using SQL for business logic and WinForms with C#.

His specialization at the university was image processing and robotics. He learned a lot about the controlling of robots and various image processing algorithms. During his free time, he goes to the gym or running in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Image of István Germán

István Germán

Office manager

Owing more decades of experience in various fields and levels of economy István had made it a rule that in any of the industries the best results originate from permanently facing the facts, tasks, and quick reactions to appearing failures. Critics are not enemies, and you are attacked much fewer times than you think.

He graduated as a Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering at the Technical University and Engineer/Economist in Foreign Trade at the University of Economics in Budapest. He was later active as a sales engineer for Hungarian construction companies and a representative of one of them in Germany. The nineties brought important changes also to Istvan’s carrier: he became a banker in Austrian and German banks’ branches in Budapest, later managing director of Israeli real-estate development and a Russian-Hungarian trading company.

All these responsibilities have added to his professional knowledge that is held at Lombiq’s disposal now.

Privately Istvan likes reading novels not only in Hungarian but also in German and English, is interested in history and politics, and likes swimming and skiing.

Image of Sára El-Saig

Sára El-Saig

Software engineer

Sára has been interested in programming since primary school when she learned Quick Basic on her own as a hobby. Later she wanted to learn C++ but luckily bought a C# book by accident and became really fascinated by it. She worked with various .NET technologies including WPF, ASP.NET and XNA too. She also gained experience with JavaScript and Python.

At the university, she specialized in embedded and mobile systems but also took up a variety of topics including the Orchard course taught by Zoltán and Benedek.

In her free time Sára likes to watch movies, walk or bicycle while listening to audiobooks, paint miniatures for wargaming, and all manner of tinkering (like making video game mods, hardware mods, Arduino and 3D printing projects).

Image of Gábor Pór

Gábor Pór

Software engineer

Programming – a mere idea at first, growing into a keen interest, quickly becoming a passion. A natural chain of events among software developers, and it was no different in Gábor's case too.

Computers have always been vital in Gábor's life. A zealous gamer since the age of 6, his enthusiasm for video games evolved into regular participation in competitive gaming events.

Gaming remained Gábor's primary interest for the years to come until he drew inspiration from fellow Lombiq developer Márk Bartha and decided to try his hand at programming.

A love at the first line, he first greeted the world in Python, taking the initial steps on the path. This was also when he ended his brief professional gaming career, deciding to focus on advancing his software development skills.

After a few months of learning from online resources, Gábor started looking for junior software developer positions. This endeavour led him to Lombiq, where he was given a chance to learn about Orchard and start gaining work experience.

In his free time, Gábor maintains his love of video games, enjoys listening to metal and synth music, and likes watching fantasy/sci-fi movies/shows. He is also an avid cyclist and gym-goer.

Image of Krisztián Németh

Krisztián Németh

Software engineer

Krisztián always knew he would work in the IT sector, with a lifelong interest in computers. He attended an IT-related middle school, learning computer basics, electronic circuits, and web development. In his last middle school year, he interned at a computer shop in Mallorca, Spain, serving clients island-wide.

At Óbuda University, Krisztián studied Information Technology Engineering, focusing on IoT, embedded systems, and robotics. Within the university, he developed skills in C#, Java, SQL, and Kotlin. His BSc thesis on Convolutional Neural Network Based Traffic Sign Object Detection earned second place at a university conference.

In addition to his studies, Krisztián organized esports tournaments with ESL, enjoying movies, games, and playing the acoustic guitar in his free time. As an experienced software engineer, he successfully delivered projects in Orchard Core and .NET development, mentoring junior developers. Krisztián excels in backend development and is comfortable with frontend work. Continually seeking new challenges, his passion for technology drives him to stay current with industry trends, and he actively seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and skill set.

Image of Ádám Jakab

Ádám Jakab

Software engineer

Ádám has been interested in the world of IT ever since he got his first computer when he was young. From that moment, playing video games became one of his favorite free-time activities. While playing video games he quickly became curious about how things work behind the scenes, which lead to the decision later in high school, where he decided to finally resolve the mysteries and apply to University.

In 2018 he started studying at Eszterházy Károly University in Eger, as a Software Information Technology student, where he met and studied the basics of programming, mainly in the C# language. Besides learning about various technologies and programming languages - such as Android development in the Java language - he completed four web programming courses, starting from the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, through PHP and Java all the way to React development.

While video games and web development are his main interests he stays open-minded and tirelessly studies all kinds of technologies related to the world of IT.

In his free time, Ádám enjoys listening to music, mainly in the rock and metal genres. He likes playing the guitar, spending time with friends, and watching movies.

Image of Szabolcs Deme

Szabolcs Deme

Software engineer

Szabolcs was interested in playing computer games from a young age. Thus began his love of IT. He tried things related to computers, like video cutting and editing images in Photoshop, but these remained a hobby for him.

His interest in programming began in high school. He chose a class specialized in science subjects in 2015. He also chose IT as an elective in 2017. The first programming language he ever used was (of course) C#. He fell in love with it right away and was blown away by the possibilities that programming and being a programmer can provide. In 2019 he got his advanced-level secondary school leaving certificate in IT. That was the sign that programming as a job was suitable for him. So he went to Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. He got his bachelor's degree in 2021. With his degree work, he got some insight into game development since it was a tower defense game.

In his free time, he watches movies, plays video games, and likes to do some cardio.

Image of Bálint Aracsi

Bálint Aracsi

Software engineer

Bálint was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.

Since a young age, he has always liked to spend his time using the computer. He had a pretty wide gamut of interests already during high school. For example, although he was taking Advanced Level High School Certificate in History, after a lot of hesitation he decided that he would like to study computer science at the university, and he never regretted it.

During the university, sometimes he was assigned some development tasks, mainly web development which he liked a lot and since that he likes web development. He would like to be a rockstar when he grows up, but his related knowledge is very poor yet.

He tried some sports, mostly he likes ball games. Longest he was playing handball, where he was champion as well with his team (NB2 junior). He likes listening to music, chilling with his friends, going to concerts. In his free time, he also likes playing on the computer. His toothbrush is white and blue.

Image of Viktória Magyar

Viktória Magyar

Business developer

Viktória lived her whole life in the countryside, so university and work brought her new challenges in Budapest. Since the beginning of high school, she has always tried to direct increased attention to language learning. She continued to do so during all her university studies, including studies abroad, so it was equally important to her at work. She knew from high school that she wanted to get a job in economics, but she was always in trouble choosing a specialization. As a business developer, she is allowed not to have to focus on one direction, but on a variety of tasks, her work is diverse and varied.

Before joining Lombiq, she worked as an IT Research trainee, so various IT terms did not cause her problems. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management.

You can reach Viktória on the following platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter.

As a Business Developer, she primarily performs Marketing, HR, Organizational and Communication tasks.

She enjoys spending her free time traveling, gathering friends, and reading, among other things, she is very concerned about the environment and healthy eating.

Image of Roland Márkus

Roland Márkus

Software engineer

Roland was always interested in computers, games, and mathematics. When he was young, he spent most of his time playing video games, and during that period he developed valuable knowledge about computers.

After leaving middle school he spent several years teaching mathematics to students from primary school up to the university level. Despite his interests, he wrote his first-ever line of code in 2018 when he entered Óbuda University and started learning C#.

While attending university on top of C# basics he picked up knowledge in Java, ASP.NET, WPF, Assembly, and Python. He got in touch with Orchard when he found Lombiq's online Orchard course. Also, he gained interest in JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue.js, and he is continuously developing his skill in these areas.

Roland is a passionate angler, and he spends most of his free time at lakes trying to catch bigger and bigger fish, sometimes spending days at the shore. Every fish he catches earns its freedom back after a quick photo is taken.

Being an animal lover, he owns 10 guinea pigs a dog, and 4 mice.

Image of Zoltán Máté

Zoltán Máté

Software Engineer

Zoltán has been interested in playing computer games since an early age, and this brought him to the world of IT. In primary school, he got a chance to participate in a competition using the Imagine Logo programming language, in which he gained insight into the ground basics of programming, and he immediately knew this had to be a part of his future.

He chose IT as an elective in high school and he continued his studies at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, where he took a course in server-side web programming and thus began his love for web development. In this course, he learned to use PHP and the Laravel framework, which has inspired him to use these in his thesis and implement a webshop.

He finished his studies and got a bachelor's degree in computer science. In his free time, he likes to work out, play video games with his friends, and tinker with his friend's car.

Image of Khouloud Ben Lafi

Khouloud Ben Lafi

Business developer

Khouloud lived her whole life in Tunisia, a touristic country in North Africa. She's been always eager to travel, learn new experiences and visit new places, so she took part in Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program and came to Debrecen, Hungary to study Business Informatics.

Her passion for the business and technology field started after high school. She started searching and learning some of all, programming, economics, finance, data analytics. She worked as an intern in a bank development team but wanted a job with more varied tasks. That's why she found herself more passionate about the work and tasks as a business developer. She mainly performs marketing, sales, and communication tasks that require IT knowledge.

Khouloud used to be a karate practitioner, she used to play violin too back in her country. She spends most of her free time traveling, hanging out with friends, and painting. She's been doing part-time volunteering projects with many organizations like Red Cross and AIESEC, which keeps her always concerned about social problems and human rights. You can reach out to Khouloud on LinkedIn.

Image of József Horváth

József Horváth

Software engineer

József embarked on an exciting journey in the world of technology after writing his first BASIC program on a Commodore 64 in the early 90s. He started as a C/C++ and Java developer in his first role, and his adaptability and eagerness to take on new challenges led him to transition to C#, showcasing his versatility in various programming languages.

He is driven by a desire for engaging in projects that keep him motivated. He believes that programming languages and technology are tools to accomplish his goals and is not afraid to explore new ones if they offer technical advantages. With a practical mindset and a strong commitment to delivering excellence, he thrives in the ever-changing technology landscape, constantly seeking opportunities to contribute and grow.

Image of Zoltán Majnek

Zoltán Majnek

Software engineer

Programming became Zoltán's passion at a very young age. He explored every single bit of his first PC, the almost 1 Mhz C64 supercomputer, and he wrote small demos in assembly language even before the computer technology secondary school. He still remembers some C64 machine code (not just ASM mnemonics!) to this day.

He graduated as a computer programmer in the last millennium, then after a short break (2.5 decades of IT work), since the fall of 2022, he is attending the engineer-informatics program at Óbudai University, and successfully completed the first two semesters.

Although he is attracted to lower-level languages (ASM, Pascal, C++), he mainly deals with C# these days.

Space simulation games and strategic games are on the list of his hobbies, and working out also took up a lot of his free time when he still had any, but nowadays, his main focus is on learning.

Visit for more information and profile links.

Image of Zsolt Takács

Zsolt Takács

Software engineer

Zsolt, a passionate and intellectually curious individual, embarked on a journey into the world of video games from a young age, fostering a deep-rooted passion that extended to the realm of IT.

He pursued Software Engineering at the University of Óbuda, picking up valuable knowledge in C#, Java, Assembly, Python, ASP.NET, and WPF. With the discovery of Lombiq, he began learning Orchard Core. Continuously driven to expand his knowledge, he also delved into CSS and JavaScript, furthering his proficiency in web development technologies.

Fueled by his competitive nature, he not only indulges in competitive video games during his leisure time but also excels at them.

Zsolt is very grounded and values his social network, actively nurturing relationships with loved ones. Philosophy shapes his logical thinking, emphasizing thorough examination of diverse perspectives.

Guided by the quote "All I know is that I know nothing" Zsolt humbly embraces the vastness of knowledge in the ever-evolving IT realm.

Image of Aydin Erdas

Aydin Erdas

Software engineer

Aydin has demonstrated a keen interest in computers from a young age, he quickly started creating and adapting mods for his favourite games and setting up multiplayer servers and websites. He later earned his Bachelor of Science in IT from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Upon graduation, Aydin began his career as a consultant, engaging in a diverse range of projects across both the public and private sectors. This experience allowed him to build a broad skill set encompassing a variety of technologies and domains.

While still remaining an active gamer and tech enthusiast Aydin also enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys long walks and running, and has recently developed an interest in sailing, a hobby he looks forward to exploring further now that he lives closer to the ocean.