We support clients' Orchard Core Development

We do everything related to Orchard Core: development, automation, hosting, troubleshooting, performance analysis, and many more. When not working with our clients, we release open-source software or improve our websites. Once an app is ready, it also needs to be operated properly, which we do in Microsoft Azure with our Orchard operations technology package called the Lombiq Hosting Suite.

Orchard Core development

Do you have an ASP.NET Core app that you'd like to extend with content management features or with some other pieces of Orchard Core's wealth of functionality? We can retrofit your app with Orchard Core too, just with the pieces you really need. 

Or would you like to get your Orchard Core-based project done by those who are part of the core contributor team of Orchard Core? Then why don't you drop us a line so we can work together?

Long-term support

Software is never finished, one just stops maintaining it... Living software should be polished constantly, upgraded to newer versions, arising bugs fixed. We can do this for you, so you don't have to worry about your Orchard Core site being healthy at all times. Some of the apps we maintain are over a decade old, so we know how to plan for the future.

Automated testing and QA

Make sure your app works as expected with our automated testing and QA services. We can create and maintain tests for various aspects of your app, from the logic and functionality to the user interface. We can also test your app on different browsers and use tools that analyze your code for errors and best practices. Do you have web content accessibility or software security compliance requirements? With our automated tools and expertise in accessibility and performance testing, and security penetration testing we can also help you cover those.

Save on your Azure costs!

Microsoft Azure is an excellent cloud hosting service for Orchard Core, with built-in support and scalability. As a Microsoft Partner and reseller of Azure services, we can offer you a discount on your Azure usage. Whether you’re already a client of ours or just a member of the wider developer / cloud user community, you can benefit from this deal.

All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll help you get your Azure discount that aligns with your usage patterns and location.

Our products


The Orchard (Core) content management framework as software as a service. Do you want to offer your clients a reliable and scalable Orchard Core hosting service without the hassle of maintaining it yourself? We can do that for you with DotNest.

Git-hg Mirror

Do you use both Git and Mercurial for your version control needs? Git-hg Mirror is a handy tool that lets you synchronize your repositories between these two systems.


Do you want to boost the performance of your software applications by running them on hardware? Hastlayer is a revolutionary technology that can transform your .NET software into FPGA hardware logic.

Open-Source Software

Do you want to improve Orchard Core and make it more awesome? You can find many open-source projects related to Orchard Core in our repositories. You can browse our repositories, fork them, submit issues, or send pull requests. You can also use our extensions, plugins, and tools to enhance your Orchard Core projects. Some of our notable projects are:

  • Orchard Core extensions: A collection of modules and themes that add various features and functionalities to Orchard Core, such as SEO, audit trails, widgets, and more.
  • GitHub Actions: Reusable workflows and actions for GitHub Actions to automate Orchard Core processes, like build and test, publishing NuGet packages, checking spelling, and more.
  • Orchard Visual Studio extension: A VS extension that helps you develop Orchard applications faster and easier, with code snippets, templates, and commands.

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You may still need to learn Orchard Core: It's a modern, actively developed web content management framework that was started by Microsoft but is free and open-source and runs just about anywhere.

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Our clients

You may still need to learn Orchard Core: It's a modern, actively developed web content management framework that was started by Microsoft but is free and open-source and runs just about anywhere.