Lombiq and open-source

The IT world is standing on the shoulder of open-source giants. To leverage the power of these giants, we have built our whole company on open-source. We firmly believe in open-source; it is one of our core values and has been embedded in our DNA, both on a personal and on a company level. Nothing speaks more about this than our activity within the open-source communities and if you're ever looking into working with us, then you can get a feeling of the code we write from all our public repositories — so don't just take our word for it, check them out for yourself!

Our in-kind contributions to open-source

As developers, we're contributing mainly code, documentation, and learning resources to the open-source ecosystem.  We are most active in the community of the .NET Core web content management system Orchard Core and its .NET Framework edition, Orchard CMS.

How do we contribute to Orchard?

  • We write massive amounts of code. We've contributed a lot of code to Orchard Core and many commits to Orchard CMS as well (you can see what we'll possibly contribute next here). We're the stewards and contribute continously to Orchard Core Commerce, the ecommerce module for Orchard Core. Apart from our direct contributions we've published well over 100 open-source modules and themes for Orchard. Among these is the Training Demo Module, the go-to beginner's guide for aspiring Orchard developers. Our Orchard Core extensions, as well as other suitable open-source projects of ours we also publish on NuGet.
  • To help people get going with and be informed about Orchard we run the Orchard learning site Orchard Dojo. This includes free tutorials and other learning resources, and a very popular weekly blog post series on what happens in the Orchard community (it's also available as a newsletter).
  • So others can see Orchard in action we publish Orchard videos on our YouTube channel. This includes the recordings of the Orchard community's weekly meetings, Orchard Core demos, video tutorials, and more.
  • As a gallery of exemplary Orchard websites, we run Show Orchard.
  • To serve as the heartbeat of the Orchard blogosphere we've created Orchard Blogs, an aggregated stream of Orchard-related blog posts.
  • So people can try Orchard CMS without anything we host Try Orchard! where you can test-drive Orchard on demo sites. This runs on DotNest, our public Orchard SaaS.
  • We also constantly give feedback and share our opinions during our weekly meetings and in the issue tracker just so we can help steer the project in the right direction, and give a hand to fellow Orchard contributors and users when needed.

Apart from Orchard, we have a lot of small ad-hoc contributions to various other projects. You can find these under the GitHub profiles of our team members.

Our financial contributions to open-source

Being an established company, we can also contribute financially to open-source projects, to the ones we find most valuable. These are the projects and developers we currently support continuously:

Occasionally we also sponsor ad-hoc fixes to other projects too, like the following ones:

We periodically check on the people and projects we sponsor to see if they're still active, as well as add new ones. We're on the lookout for more amazing projects, so certainly let us know if you know of one! We want to support smaller, less popular but still important projects that are otherwise under the radar of most people. In the case of projects, it's important that the money actually serves the project, it doesn't just accumulate under an account without withdrawal.

Note that while some of the open-source contributors we support also do contract work with us, the support is independent of that: We don't and will never ask for any favors in exchange, the support is for the contributor's existing activities.

Open-source and open hearts

Apart from the software world we also try to help in other communities with our philanthropic activities. Most recently, we've delivered thousands of reusable masks to the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as help for refugees of the war in Ukraine, and again, and again. Recently, we also helped homeless people.

Would you like to contribute to our projects?

That would be really fantastic! If you've found one of our projects valuable and you'd like to contribute in any way please check out our guidelines and go ahead, we'd be very happy to welcome your efforts! Also, consider contributing, in-kind or otherwise, to the projects supported by us.