Lombiq and open-source

The IT world is standing on the shoulder of open-source giants. Our whole company was also built on open-source, and one of our core values is firmly believing in it. Thus we're also quite active in open-source communities and if you're looking into working with us you can get a feeling of the code we write from all our public repositories - so don't just take our word for it, check them out for yourself!

Our in-kind contributions to open-source

As developers, we're contributing mainly code, documentation, and learning resources to the open-source ecosystem. Where we're most active is in the community of the .NET Core web content management system Orchard Core and its NET Framework edition, Orchard CMS. How do we contribute to Orchard?

Apart from Orchard, we have a lot of small ad-hoc contributions to various other projects. You can find these under the GitHub profiles of our team members.

Our financial contributions to open-source

As an established company we can also contribute money to open-source projects we find valuable. We've just begun this with Git Extensions, a great graphical client for the Git source control system, to which we pledged to contribute every month via Open Collective.

We're looking into expanding this budget in the near future as we select suitable projects! We want to support smaller, less popular but still important projects that are otherwise under the radar of most people.

Open-source and open hearts

Apart from the software world we also try to help in other communities with our philanthropic activities. Most recently, we've delivered reusable masks to the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta during the coronavirus pandemic.

Would you like to contribute to our projects?

That would be really fantastic! If you've found one of our projects valuable and you'd like to contribute in any way please check out our guidelines and go ahead, we'd be very happy to welcome your efforts! Also, consider contributing, in-kind or otherwise, to the projects supported by us.