Orchard (Core) consulting

You may not know Orchard Core yet: It's a modern, actively developed web content management framework that was started by Microsoft but is free and open-source, and runs on Microsoft's web infrastructure. We think you care about the technologies you use so the latter one is important to note. Orchard has an older .NET Framework version called Orchard 1.x, the newer one running on ASP.NET Core is called Orchard Core. It depends on your project which one is better suited for you (both are current and kept up to date) and we can help you with both.

Lombiq creates web applications based on Orchard. Orchard gives a solid functional and architectural foundation for web projects, and is a community-driven project, constantly being developed by numerous contributors who make it better every day. By building on this enormous amount of joint work Lombiq can deliver more feature-rich, more complete applications with less effort, being able to focus only on each project's specifics.

Open source only works if one is giving back: We have dozens of open source Orchard modules, are very active in the open-source community and we are also involved in the development of Orchard itself. Our commitment in Orchard is the key to our commitment in Orchard-based development.

Orchard development

We are constantly coding something with our team. When not working with our clients we release open-source software or make our own websites better. Once an app is ready it also needs to be properly operated, which we do in Microsoft Azure, with our Orchard operations technology package called the Lombiq Hosting Suite.

Do you have an ASP.NET Core app that you'd like to extend with content management features or with some other pieces of Orchard Core's wealth of functionality? We can retrofit your app with Orchard Core too, just with the pieces you really need.

Would you like to get your project done by those who are part of the core of Orchard? Then why don't you drop us a line so we can work together?

Consulting and code review

Developing based on Orchard is a rewarding process but one must know a lot to actually unleash the full potential of the system. If you have an Orchard-based project and would like to check if anything could be improved in it or you just generally seek advice we can definitely help you. We live Orchard every day!

Emergency call

The house is on fire and you want to get your application back online, right now. Site slowing down, server crashing, data going missing? We love such challenges and seem to solve them with a good success rate.

Long-term support

Software is never finished, one just stops maintaining it... Living software should be polished constantly, upgraded to newer versions, arising bugs fixed. We can do this for you so you don't have to worry about your Orchard site being healthy at all times.

 Contact us and we'll solve problems for you!