Access our open source projects on Bitbucket and GitHub!

Good news everyone! We're happy to announce that all our open source projects are now available not only in Mercurial, but in Git too on GitHub!

We've moved 67 projects from CodePlex to Bitbucket, so you can clone, fork, raise issues and comment on them (along with all those that were already on Bitbucket) same as before and you'll get all the latest code from us instantly. You're not missing out on anything if you're using Git either: using our repository mirroring tool - Git-Hg Mirror - we've set up repositories on GitHub as well for all our open-source projects with two-way synchronization. This means that as a Git/GitHub user, you can also submit pull requests: when they are merged, the changes will be available for those who use the Mercurial repo (and vice versa), so everybody wins!

Here are the links again for quick reference:

Happy cloning!


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