Introducing our HipChat to Microsoft Teams Migration Utility

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If you're a user of Atlassian's chat service, HipChat, just like us, then you've surely heard that it'll be retired in February 2019. While Atlassian recommends and officially supports migrating to Slack what if you wanted to try Microsoft Teams instead? While there is no official support from Microsoft to migrate to Teams you can try our free and open source tool that we're releasing just now!

Our HipChat to Microsoft Teams Migration Utility can be used to import the contents of a HipChat export file into Teams: HipChat rooms will be re-created as channels and messages will be imported. The app is not too easy to use and this being a preliminary release it has a lot of features missing. However, if you're interested in moving from HipChat to Teams (or just want to evaluate Teams as one of the alternatives) you can try it out to get at least some of your existing content into Teams.

Let us know how it works for you and if you can contribute with bug reports, feature requests or code that would be awesome! Grab the app from GitHub!


  • Chandrashekhar Tupe said Reply

    This is awesome utility. Came in very handy moving to Teams. Could not migrate individual chat, but was not a big worry for us. Room chat history is gold for us. Thanks a lot for your effort. Really appreciate it.

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