Our User Notifications Orchard module released!

Ever wanted to send some persistent notifications to the users of your Orchard site? This is now very easy with our new User Notifications module that we developed for RealtyShares: with User Notifications you can send notifications to individual users or groups of users, regardless the number of recipients. Tracy Gonzales, the Lead Engineer of RealtyShares said this about our work:

This module has been in production on www.realtyshares.com for several months, and it runs without a hitch. Not only is it easy to use, but it's also very efficient. RealtyShares is able to send batches of notifications on the order of tens of thousands without straining the web server or interrupting the user experience. Scaling isn't a concern either, as the module was designed to handle much higher volume.

The notification content is also token aware, so it's possible to send personalized messages addressing the user by name. This feature is very handy.

If you're looking for easy ways to engage users on your site, this simple yet powerful module is an indispensable tool.

Check out User Notifications so your users always can know what's up!

zoltan.lehoczky Orchard module Release

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