Use Orchard in any application: introducing Orchard Application Host! Get your imagination going!

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Orchard is not just a CMS but also a great framework too; and it would be awesome to use the capabilities of the Orchard framework not just in Orchard web apps, but... Any application? This is exactly what the Orchard Application Host enables!

The Orchard Application Host, or Orchard App Host is a framework that enables you to run your code inside the scope of an Orchard shell, but from any application: thus you can write a console app, a cloud worker, a desktop app, a Windows service, etc. and use the awesome features of Orchard like automatic dependency injection, caching, data access, shapes, logging...

After you developed with Orchard everything else feels so low-level, right? Now you can supercharge any app with Orchard App Host! See it in action in the below recording of the Orchard Community Meeting (from 22:55)!

Do you have a lot of ideas for using Orchard App Host now? Here's a deal! Create some cool implementation that uses Orchard through Orchard App Host and we'll personally help you if you have any issues. If you find something missing from Orchard App Host we'll implement it. And when you're done we'll post about your project here, we'll tweet about it and also feature in on the Orchard App Host project page. Just get in touch with us when you're ready!


  • José Campos said Reply


    I' am starting a new project where i want to apply Orchard Framework to build a WCF service. I followed Orchard for some time, and i have made some small websites to test and learn Orchard and i 'am very happy with it. But this new chalenge is for real. It is a new project and i would like to use Orchard framework to do it. Do you have an example of OrchardAppHost with WCF?

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

    Sorry we haven't dealt with WCF and Orchard App Host. Howerver Orchard supposedly has support for WCF (I personally never tried it) so you should be good to go by directly building into Orchard. Otherwise Orchard App Host should allow you to use Orchard in any project, also a WCF one, as long as you can build it (because Orchard uses System.Web it's not multi-platform for example).

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