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This is our blog. It contains the latest news and announcements about our open-source projects, services, and products; not least, there are gripping case studies, customer projects, and much more.

We can now tell you if your Orchard application is not secure enough - security audits

We now have a consulting ethical hacker on board: László Erdődi, PhD. With his information security expertise and our in-depth knowledge about Orchard we can provide you with advices about how to make your Orchard application more secure. Is your app secure enough? Are your users' data safe? Why not let a second pair of eyes check it? Contact us for a tailor-made advisory.

Dojo Course, our free and open online Orchard course opened!

We are very happy to announce that we just opened our free and open Orchard course, Dojo Course on our Orchard training site Orchard Dojo. The course runs in parallel with our Orchard university subject on Óbuda University: students and online participants will receive the same tutorials, same notes and supportive materials and they also have to deliver the same project work to complete the course. The course's syllabus is what we'll follow this semester until December. This all is very exciting, and we hope not just for us! If you'd like to learn Orchard from the ground up, this is a good opportunity to do so! How about enrolling?

Lombiq is now a BizSpark startup!

We applied to participate in Microsoft's BizSpark program and found to be eligible for participation. This is great news since with BizSpark we've won the opportunity to get enough support for making our services better. We'll embrace this awesome program and try to make the most of the BizSpark-backed year!

Lombiq announced on the Orchard Community Meeting

As you may know, Orchard's community meets on Tuesday every week at 20 o'clock GMT in a Lync meeting room. On today's meeting we took the opportunity to announce and also a bit present Lombiq and Orchard Dojo. The meeting starts with us: By the way the meetings are recorded by Benedek since a long time.

Lombiq just started to boil!

Hello and welcome to the beginning of the existence of Lombiq - a company we want to be something inspiring, exciting and innovative. Our main focus in the beginning will be on Orchard-related services like consultancy and training - something we already have done for a long time. We also start off with own online services: Orchard Hungary (what we were maintaining for long as individuals) and Orchard Dojo. To show our dedication to Orchard we also provide sponsorship for this year's Orchard conference, the Orchard Harvest in Amsterdam. We want to be fair and remain open. Let the journey begin!