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Our Orchard Harvest presentation video is now available!

You may already know that Zoltán and Benedek were among the presenters at this year's Orchard Harvest conference in Seattle too. At the beginning of the session we announced the results of the Spring Harvest Challenge and then we continued with our talk about how we built and maintain DotNest, the Orchard CMS SaaS: 0:00:00 - 0:18:30 : Spring Harvest Challenge announcement 0:18:30 - 0:37:15 : Capabilities and features of DotNest by Zoltán 0:37:15 - 1:05:26 : Deployment and maintenance of DotNest by Benedek

Let's meet at Orchard Harvest!

This year's Orchard conference, Orchard Harvest will be held in Seattle between 9-11th June. A huge crowd of Orchard enthusiasts will be there, including renowed developers from Microsoft, that also provides the venue. And Lombiq will also attend: we'll share with you what we learned during creating DotNest in the last talk of the conference! See you there!

Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge is on!

We are happy to announce the second developer competition in Orchard's history, the Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge! Orchard 1.8 was released recently and we'd like to give the developer community some boost to support this awesome new version, that's why the 1.8-compatibility is in the center of this competition: you can apply with a completely new module that is compatible with 1.8 or update your old module for the new version. For more information please visit the event's website (hosted on DotNest, of course).

Orchard Harvest logo - a sneak peek

This is the Orchard Harvest logo that Apor Püspöki, our associate designer created: This logo will be printed on the Harvest t-shirts too, that Lombiq is sponsoring. Apor by the way designed also two of our websites: Lombiq.com and OrchardDojo.net.

Lombiq sponsors Orchard Harvest!

This year's Orchard Harvest conference in Amsterdam is something we are really looking forward to. That's why we also decided, despite our company being in its infancy, to sponsor it: Lombiq will provide the Harvest t-shirts for the attendees this year. We can't tell you how excited we are: and we really hope you'll like the t-shirts we'll bring to the conference!

Lombiq just started to boil!

Hello and welcome to the beginning of the existence of Lombiq - a company we want to be something inspiring, exciting and innovative. Our main focus in the beginning will be on Orchard-related services like consultancy and training - something we already have done for a long time. We also start off with own online services: Orchard Hungary (what we were maintaining for long as individuals) and Orchard Dojo. To show our dedication to Orchard we also provide sponsorship for this year's Orchard conference, the Orchard Harvest in Amsterdam. We want to be fair and remain open. Let the journey begin!