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Big Orchard Project for Big Company from the UK

More than 10 Orchard developers, net 120000 lines of code and 17000km flown between Hungary and the UK - all this within 5 months. What are we talking about? Our latest Big Project! The Big Project (that shall not be named because of our NDA) was about migrating over an Umbraco app that used certain backend services to Orchard and to use a different set of backend services. Fair enough, but Big Project was really big: it's the app of the number one brand of its sector in the UK, is used by tens of thousands of people daily and the original Umbraco app was initially developed for 3,5 years! The parent company is also a Big Company by the way, traded on the London Stock Exchange as part of the FTSE 250 Index and made around GBP 700 million in revenue last year. It was quite a challenging ride: very tight schedule (3,5 years for the original app vs less than 5 months for the re-write), the biggest team of Lombiq's history working on it and an huge amount of code produced. Also lots and lots of Orchard bugs fixed. Some keywords on what the project consisted: Orchard, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, all-nighters, web API integrations, Slack, JIRA, Octopus Deploy. Phew! While we can't disclose more details of the project or the names of the other companies involved references are available upon request, just get in touch with us! We can deliver the same power of Orchard development to you. Update: Rob King also talked about this and related projects at Orchard Harvest 2017 in New York: