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Open-source Lombiq projects now published on NuGet

We have more than 160 open-source repositories under our GitHub organization, out of which more than 140 are somehow related to Orchard (including Orchard Core and 1.x). Up until now, if you wanted to utilize our projects in your own ones, you could only reference them as Git submodules or copy over the source files. Now, however, all the Orchard Core-related projects of ours, as well as several others, are available as NuGet packages! For those projects that are available on NuGet, now you'll see a NuGet shield in the Readme, like it's visible under Helpful Libraries (and for that, there is even more than one package!). Installation instructions and user guides were also updated to reflect that now you can use these projects both from NuGet and as the full source as Git submodules. Do you want to easily publish your projects to NuGet as well? You can build on what we've created for that: Take a look at our new GitHub Actions project that we developed with the help of Orchard community member Dean Marcussen. Here, among others, you can also find a GitHub workflow that fully takes care of publishing your project to NuGet for you. You just have to push version tags to your repository, and in a few minutes, the new package will appear on NuGet. This was a huge piece of work, but we're not fully done yet. Some of our projects aren't published on NuGet due to some specialties which cause projects depending on them to have a sub-optimal publishing story as well. You can track this effort here. We hope that this way, more people can make use of our open-source work, strengthening the Orchard ecosystem. Go check out our projects under the Lombiq NuGet profile!