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Being part of the Azure Websites Customer Advisory Board

Recently we were invited by Microsoft to join the Azure Websites Customer Advisory Board, a group of selected IT professionals working daily with Azure, helping shape the platform. Representatives from the widely used .NET web systems Sitecore, DNN and Umbraco are also part of Azure CABs. This way we'll be able to contribute to enhance the Azure experience that many Orchard developers face daily too. The CAB membership will allow us to make DotNest, the Orchard SaaS better utilize Azure and thus continue to improve as an Orchard-based CMS as a Service platform. Orchard now has the strongest presence among all content management frameworks in the Azure Websites CAB: the two founders of Lombiq, Zoltán and Benedek became members and Sebastien Ros from Microsoft, the lead developer of Orchard takes part on the CAB meetings too. Update as of May, 2015: Microsoft Customer Advisory Boards were converted into what is now Azure Advisors. Lombiq's membership was transferred, so we're now part of Azure Advisors.