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Let's do science! - Partnership with Wigner Research Centre for Physics

It's called Lombiq Technologie_s_ for a reason: While day to day we are deep in Orchard CMS development we also strive to build our R&D bigger and bigger. Now Lombiq just got closer to the world of science! As facilitated by Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi, the group leader of the Wigner GPU Lab on December 2, 2016 together with Péter Lévai, Director-General of the Hungarian Wigner Research Centre for Physics we signed a partnership agreement, formalizing months of brainstorming around possible ways of cooperation. Wigner, being one of the biggest research institute in the region, from now on connects us to the natural science community. Those guys are not joking: Among others they also work with CERN, providing the second-biggest datacenter that crunches numbers for the Large Hadron Collider. You know, the one that's famous for not admitting they can create black holes not creating black holes. This partnership will allow us to begin fruitful joint projects, allowing us to help further science a bit. Our first collaborative efforts will be around Hastlayer, the tool that converts .NET software into specialized hardware, making it a lot faster and consume a lot less power: We'll test Hastlayer with highly parallelized computations of scientific models. We'll see what kind of results will come out, but exciting times ahead!