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Git-hg Mirror is now open source!

The code behind our two-way Git-Mercurial sync service Git-hg Mirror is now open source! We're quite an open source company with dozens of projects on GitHub but up until now the code of Git-hg Mirror was private. Why? Simply because we didn't think it's worth open sourcing (being a very specific solution) and it was just easier not to do it. But suddenly several people nudged us in the last weeks so it's now all open source! Check out the Git-Hg Mirror Daemon and Git-Hg Mirror Common repos on GitHub!

Sync Git and Mercurial repositories with Git-hg Mirror!

If you're using a distributed version control system in your software development team (and you really should!) then most possibly you go with Git or Mercurial. But what if you'd really like to use a repository in your project that is on the other system? Now you can use Git-hg Mirror: it's a super-simple service that automatically keeps a Git and Mercurial (or two Mercurial) repos in sync, even with two-way syncing! Commits pushed to one repo will just magically appear in the other repo. What a time to be alive! The website is (obviously) built on Orchard - you can see our demo on the last Orchard Steering Committee meeting.