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Orchard in Switzerland: working with inteno ag

A Swiss company, inteno ag is some all around tech company: apart from custom software development services they offer product information management and publication management systems, as well as cloud computing resources. And they use Orchard, wouldn't you guess? That's how we met. Inteno runs three websites on Orchard: nuboserv.com, their main company website, nubosys.com for their cloud computing branch and acrossmedia.ch, a site developed for one of their customers, a Swiss media agency. These all run in a single multi tenant app. They got in touch with Lombiq to provide some Orchard expertise for these sites: upgrade them from Orchard 1.8.1 to 1.10.1, including some various content migrations from old modules to new ones, as well as to implement a localization infrastructure for nuboserv.com - as you may have noticed all the sites are in German, English versions are now due. Oh, and a fourth Orchard website is coming! This is what Matthias J. (Software developer at inteno ag) has to say: We highly appreciated that during Concept, Implementation and Support phase we had always one reliable person to talk to. That decreased the administrative effort and maximised the output. Lombiq is Orchard. They know everything about it. No Emmentaler cheese was harmed during the project!