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Some online Orchard consultancy for Brent Carter

It's not just companies, often we help Orchard freelancers as well: this time Brent Carter, a fellow Orchard developer needed some thoughts on his running Orchard projects, like one web app helping children in the US learning Chinese. Having a second pair of eyes look through your code or having a second opinion about some long-term software design decisions is always a good thing. Brent's coding buddy this time was Lombiq. This is what Brent has to say about his experiences: I’ve been a software developer and architect for over 15 years. I have found Orchard CMS to be extremely powerful and well built, but it also has a non-trivial learning curve. Lombiq are my “go to” team when I get stuck in Orchard. What better colleague to have looking over your shoulder than one who has worked on the actual Orchard team themselves? They know the ins and outs of the code, why you want to do one thing rather than the other, the future direction in which Orchard is heading, and are all around Orchard experts. I’ve also found them to be professional and fun to work with. If you’re looking for a developer to help you elevate your Orchard skills or want to hand off some work to someone else, you can’t go wrong with these guys. Are you also looking for some online mentoring (see all our Orchard training types on Orchard Dojo)? Just drop us a line!