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This is our blog. It contains the latest news and announcements about our open-source projects, services, and products; not least, there are gripping case studies, customer projects, and much more.

Orchard Harvest logo - a sneak peek

This is the Orchard Harvest logo that Apor Püspöki, our associate designer created: This logo will be printed on the Harvest t-shirts too, that Lombiq is sponsoring. Apor by the way designed also two of our websites: Lombiq.com and OrchardDojo.net.

Lombiq sponsors Orchard Harvest!

This year's Orchard Harvest conference in Amsterdam is something we are really looking forward to. That's why we also decided, despite our company being in its infancy, to sponsor it: Lombiq will provide the Harvest t-shirts for the attendees this year. We can't tell you how excited we are: and we really hope you'll like the t-shirts we'll bring to the conference!

Lombiq announced on the Orchard Community Meeting

As you may know, Orchard's community meets on Tuesday every week at 20 o'clock GMT in a Lync meeting room. On today's meeting we took the opportunity to announce and also a bit present Lombiq and Orchard Dojo. The meeting starts with us: By the way the meetings are recorded by Benedek since a long time.

Lombiq just started to boil!

Hello and welcome to the beginning of the existence of Lombiq - a company we want to be something inspiring, exciting and innovative. Our main focus in the beginning will be on Orchard-related services like consultancy and training - something we already have done for a long time. We also start off with own online services: Orchard Hungary (what we were maintaining for long as individuals) and Orchard Dojo. To show our dedication to Orchard we also provide sponsorship for this year's Orchard conference, the Orchard Harvest in Amsterdam. We want to be fair and remain open. Let the journey begin!

Lombiq's first open source projects

Lombiq maintains and/or provides commercial support for multiple open source projects, Orchard modules and themes, as you can see under our GitHub profile. There are two projects that we actually published along with the founding of Lombiq: Pretty Good Bootstrap Base Theme and Orchard Read-only. PGBBT is an Orchard theme that is intended to be used as a base theme. It contains Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework and adapts it to be used with Orchard. Styles are packaged as individual files so you can use only what you really need. The theme employs a minimal amount of shape template overrides for maintainability and LESS for helping re-usability. PGBBT is the base theme under the themes of Orchard Dojo and Lombiq.com itself. Read-only is a simple module for a simple task: to switch your Orchard site into "read-only mode". That means, with this module you can put your site into a state where no content item can be saved. Instead, a customizable message is displayed. This is useful if you want to freeze your site's content for a short time for some reason - we use it for seamlessly updating our sites' code (more on that later). We hope you find our open source project useful!