This is our company blog with news about Lombiq: Announcements about new open source projects, new services and products, case studies about customer projects and more. For Orchard CMS tutorials and community news check out our Orchard training website Orchard Dojo!

  • Registration anti-spam with Lombiq Antispam

    Orchard module, Antispam

    If your website is at least just a bit popular you'll get a lot of spam in form of comment spam for example but also as registration spam: spambots will try to sign up on your site and fill your database with garbage. The Orchard registration page is no different: but now you can use Orchard's spam countermeasures there as well with the Lombiq Antispam module.

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  • Our Orchard Harvest presentation video is now available!

    Orchard Harvest, DotNest, Harvest Challenge, Orchard Harvest 2014, YouTube, Presentation, Microsoft, Redmond

    You may already know that Zoltán and Benedek were among the presenters at this year's Orchard Harvest conference in Seattle too. At the beginning of the session we announced the results of the Spring Harvest Challenge and then we continued with our talk about how we built and maintain DotNest, the Orchard CMS SaaS:

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  • Case-study: content migration for

    Case study, Pedalheads, Migration

    In the beginning of this year, we were contacted by Kurt Mang, a long-time Orchard user and developer to give him assistance in his current project to migrate the website of Atlantis Programs & Pedalheads from Wordpress to Orchard. Pedalheads is a company that organizes trips and events for kids for the last 25 years with various sport activities - like cycling and swimming - to keep them healthy and happy. A truly great initiative!

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  • Lombiq's participation in the development of

    Orchard module, Orchard, Musqle is a multi-language website built by Softival with the aim to provide trustworthy information and useful tools for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts since 2012. Last year, not long after Lombiq was founded we were contacted by Norbert Korny, the owner and lead developer of Softival to develop a fairly complex Orchard module for them: a complete set of functionalities where administrator users can create and manage training plans, users can see, copy and manage these training plans for themselves (or create plans from scratch). They can apply these training plans to their personalized "Workout Calendar", which enables users to log their actual trainings and see how they perform over time using the "Training Statistics" feature, which is capable of displaying various graphs representing the progress they are making in training specific exercises and muscles. The module is also full of other convenient features that help you manage your training and also make this experience quite friendly and customized as possible.

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  • Our first office, the Lombiq Lab has opened!

    We proudly announce that Lombiq is now officially "out of the garage" since last Saturday, when we moved into our first office. So from now on during the next few months the whole team is working in one place in a flat in the centre of Budapest!

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  • Two Orchard module releases: Orchard Liquid Markup and Associativy Taxonomies Adapter

    Release, Orchard module, Associativy, Liquid Markup

    We haven't told you here yet but recently we released two new Orchard modules!

    Orchard Liquid Markup is a module that extends the built-in Orchard.Templates module and allows you to write shape templates right from the admin by using the Liquid Markup language. The module is also included on DotNest sites!

    Associativy Taxonomies Adapter is the other new module: extending the Associtiaty knowledge graph engine it provides an automatic way of building cool graphs by using existing taxonomies (coming from the built-in Orchard.Taxonomies module).

    Which one got you interested?

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  • Lombiq celebrates its first anniversary of foundation!

    Lombiq, Anniversary

    We are proud to announce that Lombiq Technologies Ltd. celebrates its first "birthday" today! It all started on the 27th of May in 2013, with Benedek and Zoltán signing the foundation documents of Lombiq and embarking on a successful journey. We've been striving to provide high-value services, useful advices and high-quality code to our customers and we'll continue to do so for many more years to come! We'd like say thanks to our supportive families and our awesome colleagues in the Lombiq team!

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  • Choosing an Azure datacenter for your service

    Azure, Latency

    When building a web-based service that will be used by people all around the world you also have to think about network latencies that are imposed by geographical distances. Your service itself may be very fast, but it won't matter if users on the other side of the globe will experience it with a delay of 1 second.

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  • Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge is on!

    Orchard Harvest, DotNest, Harvest Challenge, Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge

    We are happy to announce the second developer competition in Orchard's history, the Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge! Orchard 1.8 was released recently and we'd like to give the developer community some boost to support this awesome new version, that's why the 1.8-compatibility is in the center of this competition: you can apply with a completely new module that is compatible with 1.8 or update your old module for the new version. For more information please visit the event's website (hosted on DotNest, of course).

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  • Our User Notifications Orchard module released!

    Release, Orchard module

    Ever wanted to send some persistent notifications to the users of your Orchard site? This is now very easy with our new User Notifications module that we developed for RealtyShares: with User Notifications you can send notifications to individual users or groups of users, regardless the number of recipients. Tracy Gonzales, the Lead Engineer of RealtyShares said this about our work:

    This module has been in production on for several months, and it runs without a hitch. Not only is it easy to use, but it's also very efficient. RealtyShares is able to send batches of notifications on the order of tens of thousands without straining the web server or interrupting the user experience. Scaling isn't a concern either, as the module was designed to handle much higher volume.

    The notification content is also token aware, so it's possible to send personalized messages addressing the user by name. This feature is very handy.

    If you're looking for easy ways to engage users on your site, this simple yet powerful module is an indispensable tool.

    Check out User Notifications so your users always can know what's up!

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