This is our company blog with news about Lombiq: Announcements about new open source projects, new services and products, case studies about customer projects, and more. For Orchard Core and Orchard CMS tutorials and community news check out our Orchard training website Orchard Dojo!

  • Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge is on!

    Orchard Harvest, DotNest, Harvest Challenge, Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge

    We are happy to announce the second developer competition in Orchard's history, the Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge! Orchard 1.8 was released recently and we'd like to give the developer community some boost to support this awesome new version, that's why the 1.8-compatibility is in the center of this competition: you can apply with a completely new module that is compatible with 1.8 or update your old module for the new version. For more information please visit the event's website (hosted on DotNest, of course).

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  • Our User Notifications Orchard module released!

    Release, Orchard module

    Ever wanted to send some persistent notifications to the users of your Orchard site? This is now very easy with our new User Notifications module that we developed for RealtyShares: with User Notifications you can send notifications to individual users or groups of users, regardless the number of recipients. Tracy Gonzales, the Lead Engineer of RealtyShares said this about our work:

    This module has been in production on for several months, and it runs without a hitch. Not only is it easy to use, but it's also very efficient. RealtyShares is able to send batches of notifications on the order of tens of thousands without straining the web server or interrupting the user experience. Scaling isn't a concern either, as the module was designed to handle much higher volume.

    The notification content is also token aware, so it's possible to send personalized messages addressing the user by name. This feature is very handy.

    If you're looking for easy ways to engage users on your site, this simple yet powerful module is an indispensable tool.

    Check out User Notifications so your users always can know what's up!

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  • Introducing DotNest, the Orchard SaaS

    DotNest, Orchard SaaS, SaaS

    Orchard CMS lacked a software as a service provider until now: precisely a week ago we opened our first software service, DotNest. DotNest gives users the ability to set up any number of Orchard websites after registration, without having to worry about development, hosting, deployment and maintenance. Hosted sites can customized in a variety of ways, including the usage of recipes and complete control over styling.

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  • The first Orchard online university subject also rolled out!

    Orchard, Dojo Course, Training, Óbuda University, Online course

    Following the first Orchard university subject and the first open Orchard online course, Dojo Course, this year we continue with the first online university subject about Orchard. Óbuda University rolled out many online subjects this semester (to add to the list of "first"-s, this was also the first time the university started courses that were strictly just online courses, without any classroom attendance), one of them being ours: "ASP.NET MVC web application development using the Orchard content management framework" (which wins the award for the subject with the longest name too!). This is an exciting opportunity to test how well students can learn by just watching the tutorials, reading the supplied supporting materials and practising themselves. The project ideas we got submitted this far look very promising!

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  • Open Dojo Course and university Orchard course at the same time - case study

    Orchard, Orchard Dojo, Case study, Training, University, Óbuda University

    Our second Orchard university course finished - but this time it was also a massive online course. With the free and open Dojo Course we reached more people than we ever could with an on-site course. You can read the full case study for the Orchard Dojo Course and the Orchard university course on our Orchard training website Orchard Dojo.

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  • Making simple Orchard development tasks simple with Abstractions

    Release, Orchard, Open source

    Orchard, the beloved content management framework we built Lombiq on admittedly has a steep learning curve. Well, with great investment into learning Orchard comes great power or something, but still, how can we make some simple, everyday development tasks in Orchard easier? Can we also give beginner developers a tool to quickly flush out some simpler modules with only understanding the basics, leaving some more time to learn the whole system?

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  • Solving a huge site's downtime - case study

    Orchard, Case study, Emergency,

    Recently the maintainers of the big Greek news site Parapolitika, the guys from the Greek subsidiary of Tatchit contacted us asking for our help: the site was going down routinely for some reason after going live (it was rewritten on Orchard from the legacy engine). The Orchard application was sometimes using up all of the server's CPU (despite it being a 24-core beast) and crashing the IIS worker process in the end. This needed some urgent fix because websites tend to be only worthy if they're alive...

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  • We can now tell you if your Orchard application is not secure enough - security audits

    Announcement, Security audit

    We now have a consulting ethical hacker on board: László ErdÅ‘di, PhD. With his information security expertise and our in-depth knowledge about Orchard we can provide you with advices about how to make your Orchard application more secure. Is your app secure enough? Are your users' data safe? Why not let a second pair of eyes check it? Contact us for a tailor-made advisory.

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  • Orchard university subject at Óbuda University - case study

    Orchard, Case study, Training, University, Óbuda University

    In the spring semester of 2013 we started the world-first university course on Orchard at Óbuda University. The students were guided through the usage of Orchard as well as the basics of theme and module development and in the end presented their project work created with what they've learned. You can read the full case study for the first Orchard university course on our Orchard training website Orchard Dojo.

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  • One-week intensive Orchard training for NICE - case study

    Orchard, Case study, Training

    We were contacted by the British government agency National Institute for Clinical Excellence for an on-site Orchard training in Manchester (at the time our team being just a group of freelancers). The training was held in January 2013, with users and developers participating. Attendees learned a lot and with their newly gained knowledge were able to make NICE's work-in-progress internal and external website better. You can read the full case study for the NICE training on our Orchard training website Orchard Dojo.

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  • Dojo Course, our free and open online Orchard course opened!

    Announcement, Dojo Course

    We are very happy to announce that we just opened our free and open Orchard course, Dojo Course on our Orchard training site Orchard Dojo. The course runs in parallel with our Orchard university subject on Óbuda University: students and online participants will receive the same tutorials, same notes and supportive materials and they also have to deliver the same project work to complete the course. The course's syllabus is what we'll follow this semester until December.

    This all is very exciting, and we hope not just for us! If you'd like to learn Orchard from the ground up, this is a good opportunity to do so! How about enrolling?

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  • We've broken the Internet with downloadable content items

    Release, Orchard module, Orchard, Open source

    Our new Download as... Orchard module brings the ability to download content items as files: currently HTML or PDF. This means you can give automatic download links for your contents on your Orchard sites (something that's our profession to develop). The module even cares about flattening hierarchies of content that are defined with container-contained connections. We already use the module so you can download the vast knowledge collection of Orchard Dojo Library.

    You can see a demo of the module on the Orchard podcast.

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  • New Lombiq Antispam Orchard module, already in the Orchard core

    Release, Orchard, Open source

    A bit more than a week ago we demoed a new Orchard module of us on the Community Meeting, Antispam. The module contains only one small but useful feature, a content part (JavaScript AntiSpam Part): this part prevents clients not running JavaScript from posting content item editor forms. What this means is that content item forms (like comment forms or contact forms) employing this part can't be posted by spambots, since spambots commonly don't support JavaScript fortunately.

    Following the decision on the meeting we also quickly added this feature to the built-in Orchard.AntiSpam module, so if you're running the latest Orchard source (like the Lombiq sites do) you can already use JavaScript AntiSpam Part! We use it and it really works!

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